The Hallelujah  Blues Band 

 Serving You With Joy! 

Ladies & Gentlemen 
from out of this world is a show of 
The Best Blues and Rock 'n Roll!
This website  is just a sneak preview
of the band because there is nothing
like the experience of a live show by  
The Hallelujah  Blues Band!
You may use this site as an EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
for consideration in hiring the band.   
Everything about the band can be found on this website.

For any requests or questions you may call the band at 623-435-2481, or              .

Mission Statement: The Hallelujah  Blues Band is committed to "serving you with joy", providing you with high quality live entertainment by performing a variety of the best blues and rock and roll that is loved by all.

What We Do 
  • We perform a variety of the best blues and rock n' roll.​
  • ​We do this at a variety of venues such as bars,  churches, restaurants, ministry events, night clubs, state & county fairs, private parties,  fundraisers, charities & variety of other events & venues.
  • We  delight in "serving you with joy" 
       by providing you with an atmosphere of pleasure and fun!
 What You Do 
  * Come To Our Shows, Book The Band & Have Fun!

All Our Gigs are Listed On our Gig page > 

For a custom made performance for your special occasion or event 
Call 623-435-2481 or 
We understand that the word "Hallelujah " means praise the Lord but we do not perform Christian music for events or venues where it is not appropriate or expected such as in bars, restaurants and nightclubs.  For the same reason you wouldn't expect Eric Clapton to perform "Amazing Grace" at his concerts, neither would we at these venues.  It's simply not acceptable and appropriate.  We only perform Christian music when the person hiring us wants Christian music.  We have been performing with this policy since our inception in 2007 which keeps everyone happy.  Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers so we both can have repeat business.

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Have Fun! 

 The Hallelujah  Blues Band 

   The Best Blues and Rock 'n Roll!    

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