The Hallelujah  Blues Band

 Mission Statement

The Hallelujah  Blues Band is committed to

"serving you with joy",

providing you with high-quality

live entertainment by performing

a variety of the best blues and

rock and roll that is loved by all.

Whether we play in a bar or a church, The Hallelujah  Blues Band is always committed to serving you with joy, providing you with high-quality live entertainment by performing a variety of the best blues and rock and roll that is loved by all.

To be clear, we do not perform Christian music for events or venues where it is not appropriate or expected such as in bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.  For the same reason you wouldn't expect Black Sabbath or Marilyn Manson to perform "Amazing Grace" at their concerts, neither would we at these venues.  It's simply not acceptable, and appropriate.  We only perform Christian music when the person hiring us wants Christian music.  We have been performing with this policy since our inception in 2007 which keeps everyone happy.  Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers so we both can have repeat business.

The Hallelujah Blues Band is dedicated to

transport you into an atmosphere of fun!

The Hallelujah Blues Band performs a variety

of blues music and rock 'n roll which has most

of its roots in the blues. 

It is our personal experience that everyone

enjoys the variety of music performed by The Hallelujah Blues Band at every performance

 and also based on the reviews and 

comments on this website.



always makes

your celebration come


If you are a bar, restaurant, or nightclub owner,

or you're having a party or any occasion,

contact The Hallelujah Blues Band and

let's get this party started!

Call to book the band - 623-435-2481
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Christian Music Only

When The Hallelujah Blues Band performs at churches and Christian ministry events, we do it with the belief that we were created by God to amplify God’s Word and build the body of Christ. We do  this through praise and worship to our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. We invite all  people to join us in the  joy of praising Jesus, through the gift of music regardless of age, race, gender or denomination. We pray that those who hear our music will be blessed and that those who do not know Jesus, will come to know Him as their Lord and Savior through our ministry.

Starting in 1997 as the gospel rock band of WILBY DUNN, the band changed their name to The Hallelujah Blues Band  in 2007 to perform for other than just Christian venues & audiences but that doesn't mean we've stopped playing Christian music.  What it means is that this band, under its former and present name, has been
performing at Christian outreaches and leading worship in
churches since 1997.
Blues  as Christian music?   Yes it's true.
Spiritual Origins Of The Blues

Before the blues were songs known as

“spirituals.”   Spiritual music is the roots of the

blues.  The Hallelujah  Blues Band is not starting

something new or even reviving something old,

we are continuing a legacy of the origins of a

very important part of the origins of blues music. 

That is why the blues is perfect for leading people

into the presence of God and the singing of the

good news of HIS salvation, in other words


The most important American antecedent of the
blues was the spiritual, a form of religious song
with its roots in the camp meetings of the Great
Awakening of the early 19th century.  — many
spirituals would probably have been called blues
had that word been in wide use at the time.
[10] ("Taken from "Origins Of The Blues)".
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Gospel Blues or Holy Blues is a form of
Blues-based Gospel music that has been around
since the inception of Blues music, a combination
of Blues guitar and Evangelistic lyrics. Notable
Gospel Blues performers include Blind Willie
Johnson, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Reverend Gary
Davis and Washington Phillips. Blues musicians
such as Boyd Rivers, Blind Lemon Jefferson,
Charley Patton, Sam Collins, Josh White, Blind
Boy Fuller, Blind Willie Mctell, Bukka White,
Sleepy John Estes and Skip James have
recorded a fair number of Gospel and religious
songs, these were often commercially released
under a pseudonym.
The sign below titled "The Blues" is from Sun Studios in Memphis where Elvis Presley made his first recordings.
It's the most accurate definition of how Blues music originated.
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