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Introducing the members of
The Hallelujah  Blues Band 



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The Hallelujah Blues Band Band Bio


The Hallelujah Blues Band is a power rockin' band based in

Phoenix, Arizona that will rock your blues away.

 What makes this band so special is that they appeal to everyone, regardless of

gender, religious affiliation, age, or race.  Everyone enjoys the music of 

The Hallelujah Blues Band.


The Hallelujah Blues Band performs for a diverse selection of venues and audiences

such as night clubs, restaurants, private parties, and even

Harley Davidson dealerships.  The band also has a heart to serve our community

by performing at fundraisers, charities, churches, ministry events and

a variety of other events & venues.  The Hallelujah Blues Band has also been performing

at the Arizona State Fairs and Maricopa County Fairs since their inception in 2007. 


With over 120 years of combined performing experience,

The Hallelujah Blues Band is committed to "serving you with joy",

providing you with high quality live entertainment by performing

a variety of the best blues and rock and roll that is loved by all.


The Hallelujah Blues Band can be contacted to provide a custom made

performance for your special occasion or event.


When you have a band that loves to serve you with the joy of good music

that makes people want to dance and sing, you get a happy audience because you got

The Hallelujah Blues Band

Serving You With Joy!


       Patrick Veit                                   Mike Caruso                                 John Mrowiec      

Lead Vocals & Guitar                Bass & Backup Vocals                             Drums

Patrick Veit Biography


Patrick was born the same year rock & roll was born, 1955, when Chuck Berry came out with his first hit    “ Maybellene”.  Chuck Berry is the father of rock & roll and Patrick’s favorite and most influential guitar player.  However, it’s important to note that the origin of rock & roll is the blues.  Muddy Waters said it best “the blues had a baby and they called it rock and roll”.  Patrick loves performing blues music because it allows him to express his deepest emotions and convey that to his audience.


Patrick was fourteen years old in the summer of 1969 and saved up enough money to buy his first guitar.  He didn’t even know how to play it but was determined to learn, so he taught himself.  It didn’t take long before he joined a high school rock band and was playing the current hits of the day and oldies from the 50’s.  It’s been a long time since high school and he’s been in many bands over the years including performing in the 25th Infantry Division band during his army enlistment in 1977.  In 1997 Patrick founded the gospel rock band of Wilby Dunn.  After a successful 10 year period with Wilby Dunn, he changed the band’s name to The Hallelujah Blues Band in 2007 to perform for a wider audience. 

Some of Patrick’s other musical accomplishments include songwriting, guitar teacher, leading worship at church, being a team member in worship bands, recording studio experience, playing lead and rhythm guitar, and singing lead and backup vocals.  Patrick is known to instantly fill in for bands and worship teams on a moment’s notice with little to no rehearsal, though he does believe rehearsing is very important.  Playing guitar is Patrick’s passion and joy.  It’s not unusual for him to play guitar for up to four or five hours a day.  Patrick’s joy is to express joy through his music so others can experience that joy. 

Patrick is a BMI published artist and songwriter.  Many of the songs that he has composed can be found on all the major music distribution sites such as i Tunes and Spotify under The Hallelujah Blues Band name where Patrick is not only the songwriter but the lead singer and guitar player.


As the leader of The Hallelujah Blues Band, Patrick functions as the rhythm and lead guitarist, lead vocalist, band manager, booking agent, songwriter, band promoter, performance promoter, and developer for several band websites.  Patrick loves being in The Hallelujah Blues Band because he performs a variety of music that appeals to everyone and that keeps everyone happy which helps Patrick to live up to the band’s motto, “Serving You With Joy”!

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Michael A. Caruso Biography


Mike is a self-taught musician originally from Connecticut where he started playing Bass Guitar at the ripe old age of 14. He played in a number of the typical late 60’s garage bands before settling into a 5-piece band by the name of “Watchdog”. The band had much local success and went on to win the Fairfield County and Connecticut State Battle of the Bands Competitions.  The 5-piece band evolved into a 10-piece jazz/rock band called “Ten High” with a 5-piece horn section. The band grew into local and tri-state prominence and was booked weekly for various venues.  When real life took over band members with jobs, marriage, and children, “Ten High” broke up and it set Mike on a 20-year hiatus from playing. Towards the end of those 20-years, Mike had begun playing again and had relocated to Illinois where he formed “The Village Blues Band” that later evolved into “Lost Karma” that performed regularly in the Chicago area. In 2017 Mike relocated to Arizona and joined “The Hallelujah Blues Band” where he has been able to practice and hone his melodic style of Bass playing with the Blues music he loves to play. “The Hallelujah Blues Band” performs a variety of Blues and Rock music that appeals to a wide range of audiences.

 John Mrowiec Biography

John was born into a musical family and grew up and fond of music at a very early age.

I remember playing a pretend band leader for my cousins' band at the age of 4.

John had a natural sense of rhythm and began learning the Accordion, piano, and organ.

John first played in front of people at the age of six and accordion recital.

 John has always had a fascination with the drums.  John started playing the drums at age 7.

“I liked watching what the guys were doing with their hands and their feet were doing something different.” John grew up in the 60s and 70s which were the Renaissance years for rock and roll! John grew up in the Chicago area and was influenced by bands like The Crying Shames, The Buckinghams, Styx, and Chicago. “I grew up in a melting pot of people and was influenced by a number of local artists that played soul and funk.”

John studied with the famed percussionist Phillip Stanger and was a fill-in drummer at age 16 for the WGN orchestra.   At 17, a local Elvis impersonator took interest in the young drummer and moved the act to Las Vegas. “I had a budding baseball career in those days, and I had made a decision to stick with music.” John honed his skills on the Las Vegas strip, 6 nights a week, and became bored with the Vegas scene. A major touring band, with 22 one hits, took a liking to his style and great attitude and offered him a position as a touring drummer.

In 1982 John was through playing drums for a while and settled down in Phoenix. After 11-year hiatus, John still had the bug but decided to use his talents with faith-based organizations. Since 1993 John has played in several Arizona-based bands. Powerhouse, Next realm, WILBYDUNN,  Thurane of New Jerusalem, IMIJ, Hell NNO, Soul Provider, and part of various worship teams.

John is honored to be part of the Halleluiah Blues band and is a current endorser of #CRUSH DRUMS.