What Is The Blues?
     This is not meant to be an exhaustive study on the blues, instead more of  a need to answer the question "what is the blues" through my personal experience and research. 
I run into people that think all blues music is slow and depressing, in fact I used to be one of those people.  Let's start with the origin of the blues, here's a great definition from a plaque displayed at Sun Studios in Memphis.
     Having the blues and blues music  are two entirely different things.  When you have the blues you’re sad or depressed.  Blues music however can be very uplifting which I know sounds like a contradiction unless you understand there are many different styles, tempos and what the lyrics are saying in blues music.  Some of the different styles of blues music are Texas Blues, Chicago Blues, Jump Blues, and Delta Blues. 
     In our performance you will hear various styles of blues music, from the slow, nitty gritty, feel good blues to the upbeat music that makes you want to dance and shake your blues away.   We also perform a variety of rock 'n roll, most of which has its roots in the blues.  We try to keep most of our music fun and enjoyable for everyone.
So to us "the blues" (blues music) is a Celebration!  
That is why our motto is "SERVING YOU WITH JOY", which we are always looking forward to do for you.

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Serving You With Joy!

The man  above is Robert Johnson, King of The Delta Blues.

The blues originated in the Mississippi Delta

so the reason he's called King of The Delta Blues

is because since it's origin, blues has evolved

into sub-categories as stated earlier.

Many of Robert Johnson's songs have been recorded

by such bands and artists as Cream, Eric Clapton, 

The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and The Allman Brothers.

Robert never achieved fame and fortune in his lifetime

but as Eric Clapton  puts it "Johnson is the most important

blues musician who ever lived".

Some of Robert's most popular songs are Crossroads,

Sweet Home Chicago, and Love In Vain.

My Blues Pilgrmage

     In the summer of 2019 I had the opportunity to go on what I call a blues pilgrimage or blues journey with my wife.  As stated earlier, the blues originated in the Mississippi Delta.  The journey starts in the town of Clarksdale, Mississippi which is the home and birthplace of the blues.  Here they have live authentic blues music every night of the week. 

Enjoy The Journey With Me!


I got to jam at Ground Zero Blues Club which is the # Blues Club in the nation.  The day after the jam session I visited some of the local stores in Clarksdale and in two different stores I was complimented on "my show" from the previous night by tourists visiting the town.  This was totally unexpected but it made me feel great that I was able to make people feel good about about the blues through my performance at the 

#1 Blues Club in the country in the birthplace of the blues.

Who is this guy?

We were fortunate enough to stay at "The Clark House" which was originally constructed in 1859 by town of Clarksdale founder John Clark.  The Clark House was the first home built in Clarksdale, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

We spent a wonderful afternoon visiting the 

Of course I had to do some busking (street jamming).

6.19 Trip (303).JPG

Of course no Blues Journey would be complete without going to

"THE CROSSROADS" where legend has it or myth or whatever you want to believe, Robert Johnson (described earlier) sold his his soul to the devil to be a master blues guitar player.  Where also of course I had to go jam, and jam the song "Crossroads" I did : )

Please check back for updates since this page is still under construction, we're going to Memphis next.